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Even though our original theme of the #NBFtour was to hold a meetup event in the areas where we have local groups, it just wasn’t a good fit for the tour regarding the expenses that come along with it. I had to rethink it all QUICKLY to make sure that the tour didn’t lose its momentum.

My photography, although the foundation of this project, has never been the focus for many reasons:

  1. I love to support other photographers helping to normalize breastfeeding. (I am even teaching a class while on tour!)

  2. I know that what really matters are the mothers’ individual stories and helping them find the support they need.

  3. Most of all, it has been a personal struggle trying to gather my confidence while working within a new niche, under a project name that is SO MUCH BIGGER than just myself.

I haven’t been clogging news feeds and email inboxes with the images that I have been capturing over the past 2 years because I honestly just didn’t feel that it was fair to others. There is so much more happening in the breastfeeding community that is of great significance. I chose to prioritize those things that mattered to me. However, very quickly I began to realize that a few things were happening because of that decision:

  1. People had not read my breastfeeding story to understand my previous struggles.

  2. People had no clue that I was a photographer (and the primary author of this blog)

  3. People assumed that NBF was a non-profit organization (which also wasn’t a good fit)

  4. People started asking me for advice that only a trained lactation consultant was able to provide

So to clarify some things, I updated the branding, I am focusing the tour on my photography, and I feel so blessed because everything is falling right into place! (So glad to get this off of my chest, finally!) I am excited to finally share the photos with you. Keep an eye out for posts about my 2015 travels. I will be blogging “back in time” to share some of the earlier locations with you all as well. This particular post was delayed due to personal health issues that I am still recovering from. I am feeling much better now. I needed to set aside some time for myself to heal. 🙂


For the main event at each location, we offer 2 shoot locations for mamas looking for a beautiful portrait, or just some candid images while nursing public. We also offer a special opportunity for Active Duty Military mamas: an additional group image as a “thank you” for serving our country while breastfeeding!

This was my first trip to Vegas, but it definitely won’t be my last. The community was very eclectic, vibrant, and full of all kinds of mamas just trying to give their babies their very best. Each mama has a story that has brought them to this point. Either they have struggled or they are just grateful that everything has been going smoothly since day one. *Many thanks to Photos by Phelicia for help with this mural location idea*


After we finished up the mini sessions we headed toward Fremont Street, into the heart of downtown. This large group of moms took a firm stand as they lined up together to nurse their babies for the shot below. Although there were some people who made rude comments, shook their heads, and did not approve of our effort to normalize breastfeeding in public, we formed a barricade and to stop foot traffic in downtown Vegas to get this shot in front of the casinos. Eventually, some people gathered around us who were in favor of breastfeeding applauded and shouted for these #NBFmamas! It was so great to be encouraged by others and feel the positive side of this movement.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas #NormalizeBreastfeeding

Cousins and In-Laws


Meet Our Local Sponsor

With the help of our Local Sponsor Well Rounded Mama, we closed registration for Las Vegas with a large group of participants. This wellness center is all about education and support for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, well into postpartum. They have a beautiful boutique and offer many classes to the community as well. It was an honor that they would host our meetup event and provide their lactation consultant offer support to the moms who had attended.

Nursing full term like Jordan did!

Older sibling sneaks a word with Mom, while I distract the baby! lol


After my presentation, we left the meetup a few minutes early for the private session that we had planned for this lovely mama below!

Thank you Las Vegas mamas for nursing in public and helping to normalize breastfeeding!

Special thanks to all of the #NBFtour collaborators for helping to make this tour great!

SPONSORS: Contact us to sponsor a participant or a city

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