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WATCH LIVE Nurse-In RE: Kathie Lee & Hoda Label Nursing In Public TMI

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***We go LIVE with Jill DeLorenzo at 39:20***

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On May 21, Kathie Lee & Hoda of NBC’s Today Show, used colorful animation to visually and publicly SHAME mothers who breastfeed in public and share selfies while breastfeeding on social media in an effort to normalize it. The video animation went as far as to indicate that breastfeeding should be kept private behind closed doors. Nursing in public was categorized as “not ok” and labeled it as TMI (too much information).

To address this national breastfeeding incident publicly, Jill DeLorenzo, has swiftly organized a nurse-in, peaceful protest playdate at the May 23, 2015, taping of the show with her press release:

“….Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discussed breastfeeding on their segment “OK! Or Not OK!” On this segment, the avatars of Kathie Lee and Hoda said the following in regards to sharing breastfeeding photos on social media: Kathie Lee: “There are two types of people, Hoda; those who feel the need to share their most precious moments [showing a cartoon of a mother breastfeeding] and those who’d like to keep it private like I prefer [showing a cartoon of a door], but God bless us all.” Hoda: “I say breastfeeding is beautiful and natural [showing a cartoon of the mother breastfeeding on a computer screen] but sharing it on social media? TMI [showing the letters “TMI” in bold blue]….”

Our voice is united as we are determined to educate others about this necessity of public breastfeeding to benefit the overall outcomes in public health, to build esteem in mothers to breastfeed longer, and to address the taboo of public breastfeeding in modern society. Here are some thoughtful responses from the breastfeeding community, posted publicly on the Today Show Facebook page:


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