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Nationwide Nurse-In 2016 Giveaway

Last year Laura Delmonico created a national effort to raise awareness about breastfeeding and pumping laws in the United States. It is an annual event, held at every state capitol building, called the Nationwide Nurse-In! Breastfeeding and pumping laws are beneficial to mothers across the country, however many moms are unaware that certain laws exist in their state. Idaho is still the last state to even consider that a public breastfeeding law be to passed by legislation. It is shocking that in 2016 we are STILL fighting for the basic human need to nourish our children whenever and wherever hey need it. Breastfeeding is protected nationwide on federal property, however this limitation really needs to be extended to other public properties. Without laws in place, we are left open to judgment and subjected to harassment by those who are uneducated about how normal breastfeeding really is.


It’s incredibly important to know your rights and to be prepared for when you could possibly be approached while nursing public. It is just as important to quote the law and your ground if and when you are approached or asked to leave a public place.

Get involved! Join the event on Facebook and find your statewide group for information to attend your local nurse-in on April 29th 2016 (tomorrow). The future of breastfeeding in America really depends on the laws that protect moms and babies. You can help take a stand against public breastfeeding harassment and raise awareness about breastfeeding and workplace pumping laws, even at your place of employment. Many moms struggle to nurse and pump after going back to work because they are unaware of the state pumping laws that are already in place to protect their right to breastfeed beyond 6 weeks postpartum..


You can support NWNI right now by participating in our giveaway for a beautifully made 2016 breastfeeding calendar!

This calendar includes photographs from followers and important dates to remember…


My favorite part is the inclusion of each state’s public breastfeeding laws! You can find these laws online along with their respective workplace pumping laws at!


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