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Mother Humiliated for Breastfeeding by Marshalls’ Employee

Yesterday, Karina Gomez, was humiliated by an employee at the Marshalls department store. When found breastfeeding, she was denied her right to breastfeed in public and not only was she directed away from nursing in the store, but she was also denied the opportunity to breastfeed in a dressing room. She was directed, my friends, to the restroom!

Below is her Facebook post directly to the Marshalls Facebook page. What a shame that she was treated so horribly. Marshalls corporate office needs to contact the Breastfeeding Welcome Here program to get their employees educated about the state laws and about what to say and what NOT to say to a breastfeeding mother.

Only a few months ago Target® released their breastfeeding policy stating that if employees encounter a mother nursing her child, “DO NOT APPROACH HER.” I hope to see more stores take on this type of policy in the very near future.


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