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Introducing our Board Members

It's been since 2020 that we have been trying to form a consistent team of directors who understand the core vision of this organization - to make an impact on future generations.

With that being said, as the executive director, I have selected several professionals who have been active in the lactation community and most impactful in my life during my breastfeeding journey and the builing of this movement. Those who have the wisdom, to speak out for normalizing breastfeeding even when things get difficult. Without further adieu, it is my honor and pleasure to announce those who have stepped up to the plate to help this organization grow and offer educational scholarships to families.


Samantha Nungaray, President

In 2017, Samantha gave birth to her first born. She knew from day one she wanted to breastfeed. Her mom encouraged her and supported her throughout the whole journey. She was also in the Navy. She breastfed her son for 18 months, while active duty, before she got orders to go overseas to Japan for 2 years. She is passionate about indigenous families and securing the opportunity to breastfeed for mothers in the future.

Robert Lee, Vice President

Robert Alexander Lee, MA, CHW, is a native of Mobile, AL* and holds a MA in Public Communication, American University, Washington, DC. Mr. Lee is an avid follower and practitioner of conscious communications. His movement in life embraces and engages diversity, inclusiveness, and belonging from an intentional equanimity perspective. He has spoken nationally on African American infant and maternal mortality and race and social justice. Mr., Lee advocates for breastfeeding initiation, support, and promotion, addresses African American infant and maternal mortality, food access and food security, and other areas of equity and social justice to improve and advance the well-being of children and families. He was a Teacher of the Year twice in Baltimore City Public Schools System. Currently, Mr. Lee is the Program Manager, Office of Community Health Workers, Mississippi Department of Health.

Stephanie Corless, Secretary

Stephanie Corless is a mother, student, and professional living in San Diego, California. Stephanie, who currently holds an associates degree in Sociology, is continuing her studies at San Diego State University with aspirations to become a paralegal working in civil rights. She grew up in Fresno and it is there that she connected with other breastfeeding parents during the beginning of her nursing journey with her children. Moving to San Diego introduced her to an even larger parenting network to support her as she continued to breastfeed both of her children a combined total of 6 years, which only deepened her passion for helping others achieve the breastfeeding relationship that they desire. While home with her children she volunteered much of her time to lead support groups and help other parents with their breastfeeding struggles. She developed a passion for social justice after becoming a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and Le Leche League Leader when she became acutely aware of the inequalities in our healthcare system. Some of the work that Stephanie is most proud of is the communications work she did for Normalize Breastfeeding with government officials throughout the United States to proclaim the International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding. Stephanie has been interviewed for a breastfeeding podcast, written multiple blog posts sharing her breastfeeding experiences, and has had a poem published in the La Leche League online magazine, Breastfeeding Today.

***We are still in need of a local Treasurer in San Diego, CA - Apply here***


Dr. Tyra T. Gross, Ph.D.

Dr. Tyra Toston Gross is an Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences at Xavier University of Louisiana (an HBCU), where she has worked as a public health instructor, researcher and mentor since August 2015. More importantly, she is a proud wife to her husband Dr. Bantu Gross and mother of three spunky kids (son Amari-6, daughter Nia-5, son Kalel-2). Motherhood and maternal & child health are not just topics she researches, it is her everyday lived experience. The majority of Dr. Gross research has focused on the health of reproductive-age women, and she specializes in qualitative research. Topics have ranged from breastfeeding disparities, group prenatal care, postpartum HPV vaccination, and Black college women's health, and smoking cessation during pregnancy.

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