11 Candid Photos Ode to Normalizing Black Breastfeeding Week

Last week, I planned to capture professional quality self-portraits for Black Breastfeeding Week to share on social media. However, the convenience of smart phone photography was unbeatable and I challenged myself to only use my mobile phone for this series due to many external factors, like my kids going back to school, my toddler never giving me a moment to sit at my computer, and just the normal exhaustion that comes from this beautiful life called motherhood.

Below are candid moments, from my life behind the scenes, that show what breastfeeding looks like for us at this point time. Breastfeeding a toddler is challenging to say the very least. We still nurse on demand even though he is eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. From distractions of toys and tv, to the excruciating pain of teething, our diverse variation of normal changes throughout the day!

I focused on capturing moments that I usually would never attempt because of the level of difficulty to properly setup my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to display my image the way I would prefer it if I were using my camera. The images have only been lightly edited with apps on my phone my phone. The images show black breastfeeding on the go, between my normal activities amidst a very busy schedule.

Enjoy 🙂

All images are copyrighted Vanessa A. Simmons Candid Perspective Photography and are in chronological order over this past weekend from Friday August 21st, until yesterday August 24th.

Ps. To any cars seat educators, I have since been notified that my son’s seat needs to be rear-facing. He is turned around for this image, specifically. Please do not leave unrelated comments on this post. Thanks in advance!

Husband drives, even though I am dropping him off, allowing me to pump in transit.

Latched and learning from our trip to the library.

Pumping, he was refusing to nurse due to teething pain.

Pumping inspiration on our way home from an emotional celebration of life.

Snack time. He asked for milk as I was about to open the refrigerator.

Daily #brelfie from the bath to the boob.

The purest form of love.

Lifting my shirt and searching for milk.

Toddler #gymnurstics and baby shenanigans.

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All images Copyright 2015 Candid Perspective Photography

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